Most Valuable Music Records

Music has been a culture that never fades the people’s interest through the continued benefaction of the music library and artists. Also, artists continue to emerge through diverse genres that keep people on track and even more, stimulates their attention as well as inspiring them in various areas in life.

HistoryDuring the 1980’s British and Northern American has been holding music recording companies, producers and as well distributors and the music world records has even become more popularized by its introduction to the African nation then later on introduced to many areas all over the world which includes other parts of Europe, parts of Southern America and the Caribbean. Hopes of the producers and artist is to make music bring together the varied principles in all areas worldwide and this goal has shortly been achieved when some of the popular Western artists like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Madonna has introduced to the worldwide audience. With the music’s genuineness and the brilliance brought about by these artists, music has massively dominated the attention of people.

Ten Most Valuable Music Records of All Time

1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Double Fantasy)

2. The Beatles (Yesterday and Today)

3. Bob Dylan (The Freewheeling Bob Dylan)

4. Frank Wilson (Do I Love You?)

5. Elvis Presley (Good Luck Charm)

6. Sex Pistols (God Save the Queen)

7. The Beatles (White Album)

8. The Beatles (Please Please Me)

9. Sex Pistols (Anarchy in the UK/ No Fun

10. The Beatles (Love Me/ PS I Love You)

Today, music has even become a bigger industry, and record collections have revealed some real high investment hits music has brought to them. World music now is everywhere and can even be downloaded in just a split of seconds and the internet has been a powerful tool to experience the many contributions of music to the people worldwide.